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HELP Miami K - 12 Private School & Learning Center
HELP Miami is accredited by the NPSAG (National Private Schools Accreditation Group, Inc).
13828 SW 56th St Miami, Florida, 33175

Study Technology™

What is Study Technology?

“Study!” is a word heard throughout elementary school and carries through to college. Successful students study and failing students are told to “Study!” However, nowhere is a course that teaches one how to study. What is an effective approach to learning a subject? What do you do if you become confused? How can you retain what you have covered?

Study Technology is the term given to the methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard to enable individuals to study effectively. It is not a collection of study tips or memory tricks, but rather a proven system of effectively learning (and teaching) any subject. Our teachers implement Study Technology in lesson plans and our students are taught to use this technology to help themselves and fellow classmates.

The emphasis of Study Technology is that the student understands, masters and can apply (put to use in life) what has been learned.

Mr. Hubbard identified three basic barriers to comprehension and offers simple solutions to overcome each situation.


For example, fractions are confusing for many and difficult to learn.

Case in point, in 20+ years of teaching or tutoring not one student confused about “fractions” could tell me what the word “fraction” actually means.  Not one student. A teacher skilled in Study Technology would first define the word: a fraction is an equal part of a whole. Then the teacher may give each student a cupcake or muffin to cut into equal parts to demonstrate the concept. The lesson would progress from there with lots of examples and gradiently increase in difficulty, resulting in the student mastering fractions.

An important part of Study Technology is the understanding and use of words. A whole subject can appear “too difficult to learn” because of undefined terminology. There are dictionaries are in continual use in school and tutoring sessions.

Study Technology also requires that the material being taught is effective.  Modern math textbooks are not only unnecessarily confusing, but go from addition to division in a matter of a few pages. These textbooks do not follow a logical gradient, do not allow the student sufficient practice of what is being taught, nor do they effectively define terms. The same applies to other subjects wherein the student is pushed forward without actually mastering skills or understanding content. To make matters worse, in some grades students are only instructed so that they can pass a state test. This makes for an impossible learning environment for both student and teacher.

Mr. Hubbard believes that each child has a capacity to learn. Further, that each child is an individual and that each individual child has his or her interests and his or her own way of learning.

At H.E.L.P. Miami we are not interested in coaching a student to pass a test. We do not teach “new math” or employ any of the “common core” curriculum. We do not want a classroom full of drugged robots. We actually encourage our students to challenge material and think for themselves. We strive to ensure our students have certainty on their academics and to be able to USE what they have learned in real life.

Though we are a small private school, at the time of this writing 95% of our high school graduates have gone on to college, technical school or other educational institutions. We feel that this statistic speaks volumes of the effectiveness of Study Technology.

Get your copy of Learning How to Learn from the Applied Scholastics website.